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Its OK not to be OK – Mental health awareness is improving within Portsmouth University Student Housing

“It’s OK not to be OK” – The most recent Portsmouth University campaign is held in very high regard by all the team here at James Oliver Properties.

Having worked alongside students for over a decade and whilst acknowledging mental health does not discriminate against gender, religion, culture, sexuality, race/ ethnicity, financial background we have encountered increasing numbers of students struggling to overcome stress, anxiety and depression. The local authority of Portsmouth has a number of provisions on offer for anyone seeking help, assistance and recovery from a mental health condition. The first step is often talking about it and we would always recommend linking in with a service as we have witnessed how isolating a battle with mental health can be.

Mind are a national charity and have a specific website targeted at students to assist with coping with exam stress, revision, managing triggers, student lifestyle, support with becoming unwell. There is an abundance of information and helpful links to be explored on the website for those of you interested.  

Student life involves many challenges including meeting and working with new people, exams, deadlines for work and presentations, managing finances, coping with homesickness, balancing the demands of studying with other commitments, maintaining relationships with family and old friends, leaving home, finding new housing and living with new people among many other pressures.

We pride ourselves here at James Oliver Properties on making the transition between previous accommodation (halls of residence or alternative housing) to one of our premium current houses as seamless and stress free as possible. As all of our 4-9 bedroom properties are on a joint and severally liable basis when it comes to moving in day one tenant can come to our centrally based office situated near the Union (6 Lansdowne street, Southsea PO5 4BA) and collect all of the keys. We are going to be open on Sunday the 1st of September 2019 to enable all move in’s to take place.

It is our intention to ensure all houses provide a safe working space for all our Portsmouth University Students. We fully furnish throughout to a high standard to enable tenants to maximise enjoyment of the facilities. All properties exclusively have double bedrooms, with a desk/ workstation, chair and storage as the happiness of students is at the core of all our decisions at James Oliver Properties. We have an emergency mobile number and a skilled office/ maintenance team at hand to alleviate the stresses and anxiety new tenants face when living in a new environment.