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Portsmouth University Students are highly satisfied according to national rankings

It comes as no surprise to us that the national rankings indicate that students of Portsmouth University are among the most satisfied in the UK. We know first hand as Portsmouth graduates ourselves that there is a real drive to provide an outstanding experience and we endeavour to exceed all expectations with our tenants residing within James Oliver Properties housing. Our passion is meticulously maintaining the top spot of providing premium student housing in Portsmouth and Southsea. Everyone who works here is driven to supersede all expectations and sustain meaningful relationships with tenants built on trust and respect.

A quick reminder in case you didn’t receive the email from Portsmouth University- as of Monday the 8th of January you are required to have your student card present for all lectures and seminars to tap in electronically for registration purposes. If you forget your card then this could mean being marked as absent so please have it ready before lectures to prevent a bottle neck of students waiting to get inside! We know how hard you are all working and wouldn’t want you to have your attendance impacted so have taken it upon ourselves to help convey this important message.