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Tips for exam stress and good luck to all University of Portsmouth students undertaking exams, coursework and dissertations!

Good luck to all our students who have been busy participating in exams, submitting coursework/ dissertations and are eagerly awaiting their hard-earned results.

For those feeling the pressure here is a few of our tips along with a website links to help overcome exam/ coursework stress. The feeling will not last forever and try your best to keep it one day at a time. Take control of today as worrying about what might be is counter-productive.

As Portsmouth University graduates ourselves, we remember this difficult time well and wanted to offer some friendly advice that lead to our success.

Top tips:

1) Prioritise/ schedule your time- time management is key

2) Exercise and eat well – food for the brain!

3) Avoid social media (distractions) and focusing on friends or classmates you perceive to be ahead/ behind you- put the focus on yourself. Of course, reach out to friends/ classmates to talk about your stress, share information- we are not suggesting you go at it alone!

4) Schedule your day to have breaks and reward yourself so you have something to work towards!

5) Self belief- give yourself affirmations in the mirror to set the scene for the day. “I am a success” “I can do this” and visualise your graduation day!

Advice is only a suggestion- if the above are not suitable we always go by the motto when offered advice :
“if the hat doesn’t fit don’t wear it!”

We hope you get the results you deserve!