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University of Portsmouth (UOP) students are ranked in the top 25 Universities across the whole UK.

Smashing all previous rankings, the University of Portsmouth has claimed it’s place within the Guardian University Guide for 2019. Outperforming established Universities gives everyone here at James Oliver Properties a deepened sense of pride as many of us graduated back in 2005 and 2006. To see how far UOP have come in the last 15 years is mind blowing and the partnerships and opportunities this brings the city is profound.

It was earlier this week we discussed the course a tenant had enrolled on for 2018 -2019 with aspirations of becoming an Optometrist, which further highlights the ever broadening array of higher education on offer to students flocking to the City. The University of Portsmouth Dental academy being built and now serving the population of Portsmouth as a free provision highlights the positive impact of this rapid progression. The University is surely approaching the top spot in the South of England?

This is great news for students looking to secure premium accommodation as we continue to guard the top spot for providing housing, apartments and a top quality service to match. James Oliver Properties thrive on competition and we know that like the University of Portsmouth, our housing developments are helping to put the city on the map as a number one destination to live/ study.

Our houses were all snapped up back in January 2018 for the academic year September 2018- July 2019. We hope that the University of Portsmouth can also experience fully subscribed academic courses for the year ahead, let’s make 2018-19 a massive one!